Island Fest Aruba

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Come and experience our local way of life

View Program - 28 August 2024

Island Fest Aruba

Welcome to Island Fest Aruba, where the vibrant spirit of our island comes to life! Immerse yourself in an unforgettable celebration of Aruba’s rich culture and history through a delightful fusion of local and multicultural cuisine, captivating music, and stunning art. Experience the essence of “Zjeito,” our unique way of life, as you connect with the warmth and hospitality of the Aruban people. This festival is more than just an event; it’s a heartfelt invitation to explore our heritage, relish in our diverse traditions, and discover why Aruba is known as ‘One Happy Island.’ Join us in this joyous meeting place where tourists and locals come together to celebrate life, culture, and community.






The historic town of San Nicolas, often regarded as the cultural capital, will have the honor of hosting this premier event celebrating our heritage. Renowned for its vibrant murals and bustling arts district, San Nicolas is the perfect backdrop for this celebration.

The lively urban center will unite to create an unforgettable festival experience, showcasing the heart and soul of Aruba.


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Arubus N.V. is the major public transportation of Aruba owned by the Government of Aruba.


Island Fest Aruba will feature a diverse lineup of live music, showcasing the island’s diverse musical heritage and vibrant contemporary scene. From the infectious rhythms of traditional Aruban music, such as tumba and calypso, to the pulsating beats of Latin and Caribbean genres, the festival promises an auditory feast for all visitors. Local bands will take the stage creating a fusion of sounds that celebrate our multicultural influences.

Enjoy the soulful melodies of steel pan bands, the energetic performances of salsa and merengue groups, and the modern vibes of reggae and dance artists. While you’re dancing to the lively beats of local favorites, Island Fest Aruba offers a rich tapestry of musical experiences that reflect the island’s unique spirit and cultural diversity.