Island Fest Aruba

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Upcoming event: 28 August 2024

About The Festival

Organizing a lasting, memorable, and high-quality festival that offers all visitors an authentic experience of our culture and history requires detailed planning and careful execution.

Island Fest provides tourists the opportunity to experience, taste, and appreciate local and multicultural cuisine combined with a focus on music, art, and history.

Cultural Diversity

  • Transformation on Island
  • Food
  • Music
  • History
  • Art


Connect Tourism with our cultural heritage


Showcase Our Way of Life Called “Zjeito”. We Arubans celebrate life in everything we do through music and art, showcasing pride and love for our island.

Main Objectives

A meeting place where tourists can connect with locals to experience our way of life in a festive manner


Attracting curious affluent tourists to discover our history, culture, gastronomy, and experience the ‘One Happy Island’ is the active vision of the Minister of Tourism and the ATA.